It takes time and effort to make projects. Also, making exhibitions, installations or books cost money 🙂 I ask funding and start crowdfunds to support my projects. Also I sell my art. 

If you like to buy an art piece, please feel free to get into contact.

Art for sale

  • Framed photos from my projects ‘Look at me’ and ‘The Game’
  • Posters from the project ‘Look at me’
  • Books (see below)



If you like to support my projects without buying an art piece, you can also make a donation or support my projects on a long term basis. Also feel free to contact me about that option.


I also made two books and they are for sale. Send me a message with your preference and I will send you the book and payment link! Take into account that if you are living outside of Amsterdam I have to ask 5 euro shipping costs. 

Book ‘Look at me’

Price 30 euros (You can see the full book on Vimeo, click here)

Look at me







Book ‘Perspectives on touch’

Price 25 euros (to read a few pages, click here)

Book Perspectives on touch