What would happen if we made more space for playing and feeling? For free expression without judgments, without focus on the result? What would that do to our personal growth as human beings and our relationships with others?

In this project, Bibi and Onno explore their playfulness and intuition through physical contact and expressive language. By embracing experimentation and vulnerability, they aim to grow closer and develop a better understanding of themselves and each other.

They made analog nude self-portraits. A kind of ‘photo game’ in which Bibi and Onno had to make contact with each other’s bodies within 10 seconds of the self-timer. Due to the time constraint, they must rely on intuition, acting swiftly without much time for deliberate thought. They applied a similar approach when expressing themselves through text, using markers and paint on three 10-meter white rolls of paper.

The project invites you to (re)discover the beauty in the naivety of our body and mind. It encourages us to embrace the freedom to explore and play as a vital counterbalance to an outcome-driven society. These qualities not only enhance our capacity for innovation and resilience but also establish a foundation for empathetic relationships and a positive environment in which individuals can thrive.

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Art project about human connection through the body and poetry
Roll with poetry Bibi-Joan