In the project ME/YOU/WE, Bibi-Joan and Onno explore the process of human connection through co-creation and improvisation techniques.

The artists started initially from the idea of investigating how co-creation can deepen their art practices. For Bibi-Joan that was the male-female relationship and role patterns; for Onno it was how creative energy can bring us closer to our inner world.

The project consists of self-portraits taken with an analog camera. In the ten seconds of the self-timer, they had to decide how to position their bodies. Also, they improvised on the spot with text and poetry on a 10 meter roll of paper, giving each other the space to share their thoughts and feelings.

What started as an open playground ended in an investigation that raised many fundamental questions about human connection. How can we be vulnerable and open to others, while maintaining our autonomy and boundaries? How can we find common ground through non-verbal contact? What role does the body play in this?

This project is currently being processed into an exhibition

Art project about human connection through the body and poetry
Roll with poetry Bibi-Joan